We usually hire the services of someone else when we don’t possess the skills to do a certain job ourselves. That’s a fact of life. Trying to save a few bucks and DIY attempts can often lead to a waste of time and resources, and at best, a learning experience. I’m not talking about changing your car’s oil, or replacing a pool filter which you can look up on YouTube, but rather skills that require education, training and experience.

I work with a lot of printing businesses, and often hear stories about how their clients create their own brochures in Publisher, with low resolution bitmap graphics, ignoring all principals of design and typography, and the story usually ends up the same: after days of correspondence and trying to explain the required specs of proper print design, the client ends up hiring the services of a graphic design business.

The reality is your competition is advertising too… and they want their ad to stand out more than yours. A professional graphic designer will know how to create an ad that grabs the attention of the reader and maintains your businesses branding and identity. So you really can’t afford to NOT have an ad that will at least compete in attractiveness. Advertising in publications isn’t cheap, and an ad that doesn’t do its job is not only a waste of money, but even worse, can make a negative impression of your business.

Honestly, if I’m in the market for a particular service, and the business I find during my search has an ugly ad or website, or a badly designed do-it-yourself business card using all too common logos and symbols, I stay away.  First impressions are important… and you usually get only one chance to make them. So make them count.

Here at DaBiri Designs, print ad design is our specialty! We’ll make sure your print ad is eye catching, attention grabbing, and has great photos and a clear call to action. Your ad will be designed according to specific specs, and there will be no time – and money – wasted on having to redesign, resize, or deal with unintended color results. We’ll communicate with you from start to finish and any last minute edits will be quickly done to meet your deadline.

So, contact us for a consult on any ad designs that you may need for your business. We’d be happy to chat with you and see if we can be of assistance!